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Preschool Program

Weekly Schedule

Mindful Mondays

Learning and exploring awareness of our thoughts, feelings, body, and environment!

Tuesday Tea Time 

Learning and exploring health and nutrition through nature!

Whimsical Wednesdays

Learning and exploring with our senses, through sensory activities!


Think About It Thursday

Learning and exploring through experiments!

Fun-day Friday

A fun day of exploration!

Daily Schedule

8:30 am                                Breakfast 

9:15 am                   Morning Exercise

11:30 am                                       Lunch

1:00 pm                                 Nap Time

3:30 pm                             Snack Time

5:00 pm                     Daycare Closed

Subject to change; depending my group's overall needs.


Learning activities happen throughout the day, depending on what the activity is.


Will your preschool program help prepare my child for kindergarten?


Yes! We implement California's Learning Foundations to help prepare your children for Preschool.


How do you incorporate wellness dimensions and the California Learning Foundations into your daily schedule?

Example 1: "Mindful Monday"

After Morning Exercise (Active Participation and Cardiovascular Endurance; Physical Wellness), the children gather around for Circle Time. We read a book called, "When I'm Mad" (Reading; Intellectual Wellness). After reading our book, we discuss coping strategies that we can practice when we feel mad. (Comprehension and Analysis of Age Appropriate Texts, Self Regulation, Social and Emotional Understanding; Emotional Wellness & Intellectual Wellness). The kids then have an opportunity to practice using these coping strategies and practice communicating how they feel, with their peers (Self Regulation and Social and Emotional Understanding, Language Use and Conventions; Social Wellness & Emotional Wellness).

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