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Preschool Program

Welcome to our half-day Preschool Program!

Our Preschool Program is for children between the ages of 3-5 years.

07:30 AM  Morning Journal/ Your Choice Activity

08:15 AM   Breakfast

09:00 AM   Outdoor Play

09:30 AM   Circle Time/ Curriculum Activity

10:15 AM   Indoor Play

11:30 AM   Lunch 

12:00 PM   Age Appropriate Movie/Show

12:30 PM   Departure

Half Day 

Preschool Schedule

Children participating in our Preschool Program may enroll in Full-Time care (5 days per week; 5-10 hours per day) or Part-Time (1-3 days per week; 5-10 hours per day.) Please contact for more information!

Interested in our program? Submit a pre-interview screening and receive a quote!

Funshine Curriculum

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