Services Provided

Childcare Services Terminology

Full- Time: Childcare provided 5 days per week; 5-10 hours per day.

Part-Time: Childcare provided 3-4 days per week; 5-10 hours per day.

Half Day: Childcare provided 5 days per week; 1-5 hours per day. This service is mostly used for families participating in the Preschool Program.

PT Half Day: Childcare provided 3-4 days per week; 1-5 hours per day.

Drop In Care:  Childcare provided based on your schedule and the availabiliy of our daycare. 

Diaper Program: Unlimited diapers, wipes, and pull-ups provided. (Additional Costs)

Meals Included in Tuition

For Infants

Enfamil Formula 


3 Homemade Infant Meals ( Pureed Fruits/ Veggies, Cereals, etc...)

A private space is available for mothers who need to breastfeed and/or pump! 

Ages 1-5 years

3 Homemade Meals ( Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack)

Learning Opportunities

Circle Time

Infant/ Toddler Funshine Curriculum

Preschool Funshine Curriculum

Dual Language Program (Sign Language)

Indoor and Outdoor environment is set up for learning!

Fun-day Friday: Every Friday the children will engage in a fun messy, sensory, or gross motor activity!

Daily Updates

Brightweel App

Upon enrollment, each parent/guardian will be given a parent code. Parents/guardians can use this code to check in/ check out. After downloading the Brightwheel App, throughout the day, families will receive LIVE updates regarding their child's day. This includes but is not limited to diaper changes, feedings, nap times, pictures, etc... Parents/guardians will also be able to communicate with the childcare provider through the Brightwheel app.

Learning Genie App

Upon enrollment, parents/ guardians will be instructed to download the Learning Genie app. Through the Learning Genie app, families will receive daily updates regarding the curriculum-based activities that their child participates in, throughout the day. These updates may include a summary of what was learned and pictures of their child engaging in the curriculum activities.