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Information for Prospective Families 

Teacher Friendly Daycare

Starting January 2022, our daycare will be a teacher-friendly daycare meaning that we will operate during the school year. We will be closed for summer break (June 6, 2022- July 25, 2022), winter break (December 19, 2022- December 30, 2022), and most federal holidays. We do not charge tuition during the summer and winter breaks. Since spring and fall break dates vary throughout school districts, daycare will remain open. Although we are a teacher-friendly program, this does not mean that we only enroll teachers' children. If you are not a teacher and our schedule works for you and your family, you are welcome to enroll in our program. 

Starting Ages

Also, starting January 2022, we will no longer accept infants into our program. We are raising our starting age range to 2 years old. I may be willing to accept toddlers no younger 16 months but that would on a case-by-case basis. This would solely depend on your child's temperament and ability to adapt to our daycare routine. 


After School Program

In August 2022, we will have 2 school-age spots available. We are located in an area where we are very close to many schools. Please keep in mind that transportation will not be provided. Transportation arrangements will need to be arranged prior to enrollment. If you are interested in any of these spots, please click the link below so I can add you to our list. Please be sure to include your child's age and your desired schedule in the email. Thank you! 

Last Updated 12/31/2021

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